Pacharán Monjes de Irache

Pacharán is an alcoholic drink that marks the end of a typical Navarrese meal. It is typically made by macerating sloe berries in a light anisette.

The berries provide a dark pink colour, fruity aromas and flavours...A light touch of aniseed and sugar harmonizes with the berries.

Tasting Notes

Intense pink: clean and bright. Intense fruit to the nose, which opens up in the glass. Pleasant mouthfeel with notes of sloe berries. Warm.


Should be served in a crystal snifter at low temperatures (3-7 °C). Can be kept in the refrigerator or served on the rocks.

This is a digestive drink.

Does not improve over time so should be drunk within the first 2 to 3 years.

Medicinal Properties

Sloe berries contain vitamin C. They are tonic, astringent and fortify the stomach. The shrub's flowers are diuretic and slightly laxative when prepared as a tea.

It is commonly believed that Pacharán is good for the stomach, alleviates aches and pains of old age, prevents arteriosclerosis and heart attacks, and acts as a sedative of the nervous system.

Alcohol Content: 25% VOL

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