Piquillo Peppers

Serving Recommendations

Serve these peppers with cod, tuna, baby squid, anchovies and other types of seafood. They can be used to enhance egg dishes and can be used beautifully with rice dishes, potatoes and pasta. Can also be served as a side dish.

Tasting Notes

These Lodosa Piquillo Peppers have a firm texture and an intense flavour—slightly sweet and never acidy—with pleasant notes from roasting.

These peppers also have great nutritional value. A source of carotene, this food also has abundant fibre, low calorie count, 93% water, as well as potassium and phosphorus.


  1. Heat a small amount of olive oil in an earthenware dish.
  2. Add a couple of garlic cloves sliced thinly; salt and fry until golden brown, turning to cook evenly.
  3. Add the Piquillo Peppers and their juice. Heat them, carefully turning over when they are half done and shaking the dish back and forth to mix the oil and juice.

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